We offer a full range of lower extremity prosthetic services with a fully equipped state of the art workshop. What sets us apart from others is the vast experience and quality that we are able to achieve. The unique combination of clinical expertise and a caring and supportive staff allow HOPE to solve some of the most difficult cases across the country.
Our aim is to provide a lightweight, good looking, fully functional and durable legs. All prosthetics are fabricated in house for better quality assurance and turn around time.  Maximum utilization of the modern resin and plastic technology has been made combined with modern metals like stainless steel or titanium. Different designs are available with full plastic bodies or having modular components to assemble in a short time. People with both legs amputated are walking normally without crutches and support.

HOPE lower extremity program is devoted to meeting the special needs of all levels of amputation.  We provide unique socket designs and applications to Symes, Transtibial, Transfemoral, Hip Disarticulation, and Transpelvic levels.
Transtibial (Below Knee)
Total Surface Bearing
Silicone Suction Sockets
Patellar Tendon Bearing Prosthesis
Transfemoral (Above Knee)
Quadrilateral Sockets
Ischial Containment Sockets
Bone and Muscle Contoured Sockets
Flexible Socket/Rigid Frame Designs
  Suspension Systems
Silicone Suction
Traditional Suspension
  Hip Disarticulation/Hemi-Pelvectomy
Skeletal Containment Sockets
Flexible Wall/Ridged Frame Designs
  Partial Foot/Ankle Prosthesis
Toe Fillers
Functional Prosthesis
Cosmetic Restorations
Symes, Lisfranc, Chopart, etc
  Advanced Componentry
Hydraulic Systems
Ultra light Resin, Braids, and Composites
Energy Storing Foot Systems
Sports Prosthesis
Geriatric Lightweight Systems

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