Choosing a prosthetic (artificial limb) and orthotic (braces) provider can be overwhelming. People are often faced with this choice while in a state of shock, grief, or serious illness. If this describes your situation, rest assured that you are not alone and that thousands of others have found their way through. Take a deep breath and remember: you will too.

Unlike your surgeon, physical therapist, or even some of your friends, you will continue to see your prosthetic provider throughout your lifetime. It will be important to have a provider you can develop a good rapport with and that you truly believe has your best interests in mind. Open, direct communication is the center of a successful patient-prosthetist relationship.

Choosing your prosthetic (artificial limb) and orthotic (braces) provider will be one of the most important decisions you make. Unfortunately, in our country, there are many substandard and inexperience service provided available who are providing their services to many patients because of the lack of knowledge on the part of the patients. They don’t know the art and science of good artificial limbs especially the custom made sockets and braces. As a result of that our patients are getting artificial limbs and braces which do not touch the minimum standards. Before getting such services from any orthotic/prosthetic provider you have to make sure that you are not going to get services which may give harm instead of benefits.

It’s difficult to adapt to being a prosthetic user, yet it is encouraging to know that prosthetic technology is constantly advancing. Lightweight materials like titanium and flexible plastics combine with microprocessors and touch sensors to create prosthetic limbs with exceptional function. Advanced designs and processes used at HOPE Center mean that today’s prosthetic users will enjoy more comfort and freedom than was not possible just a few years ago. It is critical that your provider has access to the very latest innovations that technology has to offer.

Hope Center is a recognized leader in improving the lives of people with disabilities through the use of the latest in prosthetic and orthotic technology.

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