Hope Rehabilitation Center focuses on the unique needs of these individuals, bringing them the latest technologies and clinical techniques. Our team of experts has more than 26 years of extensive experience to provide high-quality upper limb prosthesis. While the average prosthetic clinic may see only one or two upper limb/extremity patients a year, our team of doctors and upper limb/extremity specialists work with hundreds of patients each year – more than any other prosthetic provider in Pakistan. We are the pioneers in modular upper extremity prosthetic system, body powered above and below elbow arms, cosmetic restoration, and myo-electric technology in Pakistan. Our commitment is to provide high-quality upper limb prosthesis in shortest possible time. Selecting and learning to use a prosthesis can be a major challenge. Our specialists make facing this challenge a little easier with a comprehensive program that addresses each person’s functional, psychological and occupational needs.

Amputation Levels

The type of prosthesis that a patient will wear is actually based largely upon the length of patient’s residual limb and patient’s amputation level. There are several different types of upper extremity amputations that can occur.

Fitting and Casting

The fitting process and casting method for a prosthesis usually begins when the patient’s residual limb is no longer tender or swollen. Typically, this is a four to six (4-6) week time duration after the patient’s surgery.

Prosthetic Options

Information is power and the Hope Rehabilitation Center wants to give each person the information they need to understand their prosthetic options.  We provide all kind of upper limb prosthetics from cosmetic to myo electric prosthetics.

Advance Technology

HOPE Center was founded on clinical innovation and is a center of amazing technological revolution. Hope has developed many innovations that are only available through our clinicians and dedicated team of experts.

“Lives changed, challenges overcome and hopes fulfilled​”

​There are thousands of stories about Hope Center patients who exemplify strength, determination and hard work. By recounting the special journeys of a few, we hope to share insight, encouragement, inspiration and the power of potential.

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