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Back and spinal orthoses or braces are prescribed for Low back pain, lumbar stenosis, post-operative stabilization, lumbar strains/sprains and disc herniations. You could choose from a chairback orthosis or an elastic lumbosacral binder. We shall explain to you the functions and features of each of the braces and advice you on what you should be using. We offer both ready made and custom fit spinal braces according to the medical requirements.

TLSO/LSO Orthoses:

TLSO(Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis)/LSO(Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis) orthoses are custom made for you if you are suffering from thoracic and lumbar fracture management, post-operative stabilization, spinal stenosis and degenerative pathologies. Generally a Custom TLSO Body Jacket is used to alleviate the conditions. At HOPE, we provide only the best care for you, and our clinicians help you make the best choice to relieve your pain.

Jewett and ASH Braces:

These braces are used for thoracic and lumbar compression fractures, caries spine, post-operative stabilization and osteoporosis. Our clinicians evaluate your condition and then provide you with the best option.

  • ASH Brace – (Anterior Spinal Hyper-Extension) Orthosis is readymade adjustable spinal brace and most commonly used brace for spinal conditions. It is made of light weight aluminum alloy cross bars and plastic pads. It is custom made and the best option for these conditions.
  • Hyper Extension Brace – It is custom made spinal orthosis used for different spinal conditions. It is made of light weight aluminum alloy cross bars and plastic pads. It is made according to the size and requirement of the patient.

Jewette Brace – Jewett Hyperextension Spinal Orthosis helps control and support your spinal posture, helps reduce pain, prevents further injury and promotes healing. It will remind you to keep your back upright and straight. It is commonly used readymade spinal orthotics used in above mentioned conditions.

LS Corset and Chair Back Brace:

Corsets are prescribed to you when you have lower back pain, osteoarthritis or Sacroiliac dysfunction. HOPE provides you with custom made Lumbar- Sacral Corset/Supports and Chair Back Braces for many back problems. These spinal supports are provided according to the advice of the doctors with primary objective of delivering the best services to the patients.

Scoliosis Brace

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature and twisting of the spine that affects children during adolescent growth periods. We provide customized scoliosis braces to manage and treat Sciolosis that help children and adolescents deal with the curvature of the spine.

HOPE has been the pioneer in Pakistan in providing special bracing system for Scoliosis. Treatment with bracing has been proven to be quite helpful in correcting curvature of spine in adolescents, especially when their bones still have room for growth. Adolescents with 20 to 40 degrees of spine curvature have had relief and correction in spine curvature with the help of bracing. Braces are made from special medical grade plastics and can be worn under t-shirts as well.

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