Mr. Muhammad Jamil

Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers By Special Diabetic Footwear and Application of Offloading Insoles various by use thermoplastic materials having variable densities.

Amongst the different diabetic referral cases to Hope Rehabilitation Center, Dr.Arshad Consultant Medical Specialist of King Edward Medical College is focussing on provision of diabetic foot wear and insoles to his cases and with long term follow up. Once example is case of Mr. Muhammad Jamil, Age 40 years was referred to Hope for this purpose. This treat for Mr. Muhammad Jamil was done free of cost by Hope Rehabilitation Center.

Mr. Naseem

Naseem, a 28 year old gentleman, faced a tragic road side accident while driving a rickshaw.  Due to accident, he ended up in above knee amputation because of severe injury to his leg. This accident was a bolt from the blue for him and left him jobless and hopeless. HOPE helped this young guy by providing him with a modern above knee artificial leg. This was a red letter day for him to walk around independently. He is now earning a respectable living by driving a rickshaw again.

Mr. Ashiq

Mr. Ashiq, a 55 year old butcher, he suffered from gangrene in his right foot that lead to below knee amputation. After loss of leg, he was depressed and was bound to a wheel chair. With the hope of walking again, he visited HOPE center and was provided with modular below knee artificial leg. Now he is happy and can walk around easily to perform his daily activities.

Mr. Alamgir

A young man Alamgir got bone tumor in his leg which ended up with above knee amputation. By the Grace of Allah and help of Shaukat Khanum hospital, his tumor was cured. Hope society came forward to sponsor him a leg and alleviate his disability. He was given above knee modular system which enabled him to earn his living in a respectable way again.