Children are not like adults in their lifestyle choices and mannerisms, and hence their orthoses are different too. At HOPE, we understand the children’s unique needs and fit them, with easy to use and effective pediatric othoses that does not hinder their activities at all. Our experts aim to make life a lot easier for the little ones so that they can be what is most expected of them; they can be kids!

Pediatric Orthoses are created for children with deformities, congenital defects and other injuries. HOPE uses state of the art technology to help children by fitting them with orthoses that support, relieve pain from and sometimes restricts motion of parts of the body. We make sure that children get the best care and we also have the resources to help see them through their growth, change of movement and patterns.
Pediatric orthoses could last anywhere up to a year to two or three years for kids, keeping in mind their activities and growth patterns. We follow up with you every six months or so and also make sure that your child is adjusting to the orthosis properly.

HOPE Orthotics offers a full-range of rehabilitation products and services, including custom solutions to readymade products, addressing the head, neck, back, lower limbs and upper limbs with pediatric orthotics.

Cranial-Remolding Helmets

A cranial re-molding orthosis, or helmet, is a plastic protective head covering or band that is used to treat plagiocephaly and brachiocephaly, two conditions involving the flattening of the head.

Pavlik Harness

Pavlik harness is special type of Orthoses used for congenital hip displasia or developmental hip dysplasia. A pavlik harness allows for variable hip flexion and abduction position. Your baby will be able to move without discomfort with the harness.

Hip Abduction Orthoses

There are two kinds of hip abduction orthoses for children. One is used for babies with congenital hip dysplasia or developmental hip dysplasia and it is made for 0-18 month old babies. It is made according to prescription

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

The term AFO is an acronym that stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis ( AFO ) and describes the part of the body that the brace encompasses. An ankle foot Orthosis (AFO) controls the range of motion in your foot and ankle and helps to stabilize its position.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

A KAFO is a long-leg orthosis that spans the knee, the ankle, and the foot in an effort to stabilize the joints and assist the muscles of the leg. While there are several common indications for such an Orthosis, muscle weakness and paralysis

Denis Browne Shoes

A Denis Browne Bar or splint is used for correctional methods when your child has conditions like club foot/feet, tibial torsion or other congenital deformities in the leg.

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