The fitting process for a prosthesis usually begins when your residual limb is no longer tender or swollen. Typically, this is four to six weeks after surgery. In some cases, immediate postoperative care will be used and a socket or rigid dressing will be placed on the limb during the first week following surgery.
The socket is the connecting point of the prosthesis and the patient’s body. It is the most critical element in prosthetic design. Our sockets are anatomically contoured, incorporating unique channels and grooves for the underlying anatomy of the residual limb. Our unique socket designs improve suspension and increase range of motion. With a myoelectric prosthesis (a prosthesis that sends electrical impulses to the residual limb which in turn produces contraction of the muscles), it is especially important that the socket maintain total contact with the user’s residual limb. Crafted from advanced thermoplastic material, this soft, pliable interface meets the main requirement of every prosthetic user comfort.

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